Optical Structures Products

Optical Structures manufactures a variety of optical and optical-mechanical products, ranging from individual optics to fully integrated robotic optical systems, such as astronomical research telescopes and LIDAR.

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Robotic Research Telescopes

Optical Structures designs and manufactures a line of research quality, computer controlled telescopes. Our standard product is a fork mount system with integrated mount, optics, instrumentation and computer control system.

Standard sizes from .5 to .8 meters (20 to 30 inches) aperture. Custom telescopes to 2 meters (79 inches).

Robotic Research Telescopes

LIDAR Components,Telescopes & Scanners

Optical Structures manufactures custom LIDAR components such as ruggedized optical spiders, diagonal holders and optical tube assemblies.

We also manufacture custom LIDAR telescopes and scanning systems.


Lightweight Substrates & Finished Optics

Optical Structures has developed its own proprietary lightweight casting process to produce borosilicate optical substrate structures. Nominal mass reductions of 70% less mass than solid blanks are standard.

O.S. incorporates an in-house optical fabrication lab and coating facility to finish our own or third party substrates into working optics for our customers.